The recipe for any retail grocer’s prepared foods hot bar is simple: Offer good food that is easy to access; provide a selection that is reliable yet occasionally surprising; keep the bar itself fresh, clean and presentable; and of course promote the program across all of your marketing channels.

But if you really want to raise your hot bar’s game, you need to take it upscale to grab the attention and loyalty of a growing market segment with Blount Sides.

Whether it’s an interesting twist on a traditional staple, like Hatch Chile Mac & Cheese, or an ethnic-inspired favorite like Cuban-style Corn and Black Bean Hash, with Blount Sides, you can offer something consumers will love, and which they are not likely to make for themselves.

Like all Blount brand products, Blount Sides are made with premium ingredients, in small batches and to the highest standards of quality and safety.


pair mac cheese fried chicken Fried Chicken with
Blount Mac & Cheese

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