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You can see our commitment in action

Blount Fine Foods is committed to sustainability in all the same ways our business connects to people, and the world.

Environmental Sustainability

This includes programs and systems that:

  • Generate 100 KW of solar energy annually
  • Save over 425,000 kWh annually via energy management programs
  • Reduce our energy, gas, and water consumption via high-efficiency refrigeration, high pressure steam systems and advanced production equipment and controls
  • Minimize waste at the source
  • Save resources by using recyclable packaging materials
  • Reduce greenhouse gas (including carbon dioxide) emissions by more than 300,000 lbs. annually

Food source sustainability

We buy from local sources as much as possible and work with USDA certified Organic and other suppliers who grow and harvest sustainably. Together, we help ensure the long-term health of natural resources and ecosystems.

Blount Fine Foods is committed to excellence in all areas of our business. We are dedicated to protecting our natural resources and we employ significant “Three R” (reduce, reuse and recycle) programs, which are directed by our corporate engineering team and incorporate the ideas of our associates, at every level of our company.

To review our 2016 Sustainability report, please click here.